Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Designs

One of my main goals with this site is to create some really cool, stylish stuff that incorporates my love for history; specifically, family history.

I have found some cool K(C)avana(u)gh stuff over the years, but everything I have found has been pretty generic. There was no edge to it. They were all very similar looking images slapped on a t-shirt or a mug.

I want to create images that, at first glance, could pass for a stylish graphic tee out of one of the major retailers. Something anyone would want to wear; not necessarily just a K(C)avana(u)gh. I want to create images that are cool, period. But then, also, upon closer inspection, you realize that the image is full of historic symbols and meaning. Therefore, making it a little more special than just your run of the mill graphic tee with some cool artwork on it, and especially more special to those that have a connection to those historic images. I love subtlety. I don't necessarily want everyone to know that the shirt I'm wearing has meaning. Most people may not realize the symbolism and historical significance of the designs below, but those who are "in the know" will, and, to me, that's pretty cool.

The images below are original artwork by yours truly, and I promise you that you will not find anything like this anywhere else!


I was very happy when this design was completed because I actually drew the dragons that are guarding the Clan Crest ten years ago. I only just recently created my own version of the Lion Passant, so it was cool for me to see this design come together... finally!

I also added some red paint smears and lots of cracks to give the whole image a "distressed" look. In the banner I used the original Gaelic version of the family name, Caomhánach, so that it works no matter what your spelling variation is.

Clan Crest Dragons

"Peace and Plenty" Graphic Tee
Men's and Women's apparel available in the Clan Creations Store
I really love this design. Its so full of Clan history, but I also love how stylish it looks with all of the different letters and fonts. If you look closely, each little piece has meaning and a connection to history. Super stylish, but also very special to those of us with a connection to what it represents.

"Peace and Plenty" Graphic Design